Facial Peels

Chemical Peels are a great way to treat a variety of skin conditions. No matter your skin type, or concerns we can find a peel that is right for you. We offer a variety of peels with different levels of intensity.


Pumice Peel   ~  $55

The ultra-fine pumice crystals in this treatment peel-away dull, dreary skin cells, abrade uneven skin and visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Reveal your softer inner beauty with this gentle dual-action skin exfoliation, leaving your skin tight, young and fresh.

Pumpkin Enzyme Peel  ~  $65

This is the perfect post Summer treatment. It has a built in fruit acid enzyme and Vitamin A derivatives that target the receptors responsible for activating cell turnover. Reduces the oxidative and free radical stress, leaving a smooth, firm texture while providing a pore clearing action. This treatment is appropriate for any skin type and can be performed as frequently as every two to three weeks. It has little to no down time. 

Lactic Peel  ~  $75    

Purchase series of 3  ~  $170  ($55 savings)   "Cannot be combined with any other offers"

Organic Lactic Acid, fruit enzymes and pomegranate extract. The blend of these ingredients exfoliates and stimulates the skin. Hydrates and brightens, improving the appearance of fine lines and pigmentation discolorations. This Peel delivers an even surface peeling of the uppermost layers of the skin.  Recommended for aging skin, surface wrinkles, dull, dry and dehydrated, and sensitive skin, leaving your skin with smooth and soften texture. 

Salicylic Peel   ~  $75

A professionally formulated peel, specifically designed to help all forms of breakouts and clarify the skin. Visibly improve the appearance of acne, blackheads, whitehead, clarify active breakouts and rejuvenates the skin. Recommended for acne-prone skin grades I & II, enlarged pores, sun damage and oily skin types.

Glycolic Peel  ~  $85    

Purchase series of 3  ~  $200  ($55 savings)  "Cannot be combined with any other offers"

Enjoy a bright, clean, freshly radiant complexion by combining the benefits of both a facial and mild peel. This treatment includes 30% glycolic acid, retinol "vitamin A", and green tea extract followed by a cooling gel mask for a gentle peeling effect without the downtime of a chemical peel. Recommended for clients with dry/dehydrated skin, blemishes, acne-prone skin, enlarged pores, deep congestion, poor elasticity, reduce fine lines, and hyperpigmentation. Its acid hybrid works microscopically to dissolve surface cells and leave the skin glowing instead of flaking.