Facial Membership Program


Facial Month-to-Month Membership Program

Customization matters, which is why our new Facial Program lets you decide not only what you want but how you want it. Love your Essential Facial, fine, we’ll put you down for the standing monthly appointment of your choosing for $59 per month. Just don’t feel the same when you skip your Advanced Treatment? No problem, we’ll save you a spot for $69 per month. Can’t decide? Flip flop, we won’t hold it against you – if you decide you want to upgrade to an Advanced Facial instead of an Essential, just pay the difference.Consistency is key – make a commitment to the healthiest skin of your life.


 ~ Essential ~                     ~ Advanced ~ 


~ Essential Facial~                        ~Advanced Facial~

*$59 per month                             *$69 per month

*20% off add on Facials  


*Additional facial peel upgrades for only $10 

~ Glycolic Peel  ~  Vitamin C Enzyme Peel  ~  
~ Lightening Lift Peel  ~ Wrinkle Lift Peel  ~ Perfection Lift Peel ~ 


Achieve healthy, glowing skin for life by enrolling in the monthly Facial Membership program!


Membership Details 


  • Membership includes one facial per month and it is individual. If you would like to enjoy a second facial per month you will receive 30% off the regular price of the second facial.
  • FREE Unlimited upgrades on your Birthday Month.
  • The Facial Membership fee will be automatically drafted on the 1st  of each month.
  • Cancellation requires 30 days, advanced notice any time after your first monthly payment.
  • An upgrade from Essential to Advanced is always available. 
  • This offer is not valid with any other offers.
  • Facials will not rollover to the following month if you miss or cancel an appointment, however, facials are transferable. If you would like to gift a missed facial appointment to a friend or family member, please provide us 12-hours advance notice along with the name of the person taking your place. We MUST have your permission to transfer treatments.
  • The month-to-month facial program gives you the flexibility to continue for as many months as you wish without any long terms commitments.
  • If you must cancel or change your appointment, we ask that you do so 12 hrs in advance.